Campaign Overview

In the Beginning

A corrupt member of the town guard rounds up a number of people who owe him favours to help him win a team-based competition. The group mostly get their Content Not Found: Talismans-of-The-Elements, and in lieu of better things to do head to the guardsmen community cork-board to look into local events they can assist with.

Getting Complicated

The group were heading back to town when they fell into a fairy ring, which transported them to the metal world… and also, two years into their past.


The group steal their way into causing strife with the Merchant’s Guild, threatening paradox due to stopping the annual tournament they already hold prizes from. They fix the problem by generously donating the misappropriated funds back to the guild, winning the tournament and denying their own donated prize, looking like heroes in exchange.

The Pillar

The group discover that a large eyesore of a false support pillar is actually a wizard’s haunt, abandoned by all but the skeleton crew that was left behind – specifically, their skeletons. After a brief, profitable encounter with their analouges, they crossed through the mirror portal to their own woodworld.

Opportunity Knocks

A powerful tribe leader enlists the help of the group, due to their alternates’ fame for helping out the Entertainer’s Guild. The Independent Lady – leader of the antagonistic furred creatures that fought against the group in the 3rd annual Cliffsides Fitness Tournament – invites them to join a business opportunity on the behalf of a mysterious benefactor, in order to excavate a buried dungeon.

The Real Beginning

The group accept, and travel to the excavation site. From there, it’s a quicker trip to Cauldron, and the group decide to head there, troubled by worrying dreams of danger along the way. Once the group arrive, they begin the Shackled City adventure path.

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Living on Shackled Time