A guardsman that has decided to expand his influence as much as possible, via any means necessary.


Thaos Ravenback was typical guardsman of a rather small town. He aspired for something more though, and set his heart on gaining leadership of the town guard. Poor with choices, Thaos went to many lengths, legal and illegal, to try and put himself ahead of what he viewed as his competition in his fellow guardsmen. But nothing seemed to work.

Despondent and disillusioned at his chances, his heart cried out for help, unbeknown to him a dark power paid attention to his pleas and sent an agent to make a deal.

Contacted via a dagger-pinned note on his door, Thaos warily made his way to a meeting place in one of the disused sections of sewer that snaked twisted paths beneath the town. A dark pact later and Thaos soon found himself at the top of his game, catching larcenists and ne’er-do-wells and making the town a safer place for the citizens.

At the start of the campaign, Thaos has been Guard Captain for nearly 2 months and has once again started planning ahead to how he can increase his influence over others.


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